Monday, September 5, 2011

Tech Lab Bulletin Board Ideas: Do they exist?

Well as I mentioned in my last post, I switched positions this year from 4th grade to middle school (6th-8th) technology teacher.  With the change in position, came a room change as well.  My room would now be one of my school's two tech labs.  As much as this excited me, it was also a daunting task as the tech lab needed a major overhaul, and it is quite a large room!

About a month ago I began my tech lab reno.  I was lucky enough to have my mother, who was in town visiting, help me for a few days and get the actual cleaning and computer set-up configuration completed.  Then there were the walls.  The large, blank walls.  Oh yes, and some really blank bulletin boards too.  I began searching online, then searched some more and just had a REALLY hard time finding quality tech lab bulletin board ideas and/or tech lab posters.  If it wasn't for the Elementary Tech Teachers, Teachfactory, and Pinterest I would have been left without any inspiration at all.  (Just so you know, I feel quite advanced when it comes to searching the Web.  There really isn't much out there in terms of computer lab decor--try searching for yourself, you'll see!)

Anyway, with a few ideas in my brain, I was able to come up with some cute concepts to decorate my walls/boards.  (See my photos below).

I am actually still in the market for come neat technology posters for a few smaller areas in my lab.  More specifically posters about technology tools, Web 2.0, tech quotes, etc.  If you know if any place that has some great posters and prices be sure to leave a comment!

Overall, I am happy with the outcome.  I'm sure I'll be tweaking things as the year progresses.  I'd love to see other ideas of tech bulletin boards as well, if you'd like to share!  Happy decorating!


  1. hi lauren
    i am a technology teacher grade is an amrican school.
    these days i am constantly searching for some nice ideas on walls of lab. i managed to make one. how can i send u the pic.
    i tried to make the powerpoint interface, with differents tabs and their ribbons with commands.
    i need more ideas.
    ok u share back to me

  2. Much information i get in your data . I'll too much appreciate u for posting this kind of information. Thanks...

  3. I have an idea for you I used on a board. I pinned it...

    Hope you like.