Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple on the Brain!

Lately, I have really been looking into (and secrectly wishing, hoping, and praying about) getting a class set of either ipod touches or ipads for my technology classes.  I am constantly amazed at the quality of educational apps that are now available.  There are so many amazing learning opportunities my students could experience with these apps!  For a school filled with PCs and zero Apple products, it would also be great to expose my students to the wonderful world of Apple!

There is a wonderful blog out there called Learning in Hand, created by Tony Vincent, that has so many wonderful resources for using moble devices, such as the apple products I listed above, in the classroom.  Just recently, I read one of his blog posts titled Myths about iOS, iPad, iPhone & iPod touch that I found very informative for anyone with, or wanting a class set of these amazing tools.

For those of you that have ipod touches or ipads, how are YOU currently using them in the classroom?  I'd love to hear your ideas! 

(Talking Tech Teacher)

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