Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back to School: Middle School Tech Style!

This is my first year as a Middle School technology teacher and boy have I already learned a TON! People keep asking me "How do you like it?" I LOVE my new position but it is really different from my last 6 years as a 4th grade teacher. You almost can't even compare the two. I do miss the 4th grade age from time to time, but loving the fact that I know so many of the middle schoolers from when they were 4th graders.:-) I also enjoy the fact that they can do so much more independently! I love technology so the content is awesome. I feel like the first year you teach something new, it's a complete "learning" year, especially for the teacher, as I am already finding out that there actually is quite a difference from 6th grade to 8th grade. Also, planning tech projects for a project-based learning type of class is also different and takes a lot of organization. Overall I must say "so far, so good" and I hope to share my experiences with you right here on my blog....TBC...:-) Lauren <3 Here are a few pics of my new tech lab!

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