Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So, I'll confess I have a new web obsession.  Pinterest.  It's my favorite new find of this past summer, and if you've never heard of it, you MUST check it out!  With Pinterest you can create a board or boards to "pin" things to that you find on the world wide web.  You can create boards with themes so that your "pins" are organized as well.  It's so much more visual than old fashioned bookmarking.  I also love pinterest because once you create your account, you can follow others and see the types of things they are pinning that interest you AND others can follow you too.  If you feel like collaborating ideas, you can also allow others to pin interests to your board/s by inviting them as a co-author.  I love signing on and looking at all of the items that were pinned each day by friends that I follow.  It is such a huge source of inspiration for fresh ideas for a number of things.  I find that I enjoy looking at fashion, decorating, design, cooking, teaching, and technology pins.  My own mother (with whom I also turned on to Pinterest) can't stop finding and actually creating things for her classroom with the ideas she sees on Pinterest.

For now, I have mainly used Pinterest for my own inspiration.  Pinterest could easily be incorporated into the classroom too!  Students could create boards based on various content areas or for different projects they are working on to collect web resources and ideas.  Students could collaborate on a board if they were to be working on a group project as well.

I love Pinterest, and I hope you do too!

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Happy Pinning!


  1. How would this play into say, researching a historical person or event for a class project? I have several kids in each class doing a biographical profile of key players of the American Revolution, like Franklin, Washington, Payne, Jefferson... could they use this tool to share research, share sources, share images and documents?

  2. Dear American Revolution,
    Because this board is so visual it would be great for sharing images and maybe some sources. However, for collaborating on research and documents I would still favor Evernote or good ole Google Docs.:-) It's still definitely something to check out though!