Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Google Tours

I recently discovered a great new way to use Google Earth in the classroom....Google Tours!  A Google Tour is a series or collection of placemarks streamed together like a tour and saved as a file.  You can create tours on a variety of topics and places.  My students are currently planning a dream vacation anywhere on Earth!  Their vacation must include 10 placemarks or "stops" that includes a short description, web link, and/or photo for each stop.  I am also excited to know that the newest version of Google Earth also allows for audio narration, so that music or voices can be added to the background.  This is something I plan on experimenting with in my 8th grade classes.

Google Tours can be integrated into a variety of content areas as well.  Students could create Google Tours on the setting of a particular book in a Language Arts class or traking battles of a war in a Social Studies class.  Below are some websites that I have found particularily useful when getting started with Google Tours.  I hope this inspires you to check it out for yourself! 

My website Google Tours page
Creating Google Tours
Adding narration

'Til next time!