Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Info What?....Infographics!

What is an infographic?

So, I decided to take on a project with my 7th-8th tech students where each student is asked to create an infographic on a theme relating to Digital Citizenship.  Even though there is not an overabundance of resources online about walking students through the process of creating an infographic, I wanted to pioneer this unit.  I want to be brave and give it a try, because I feel that it has the potential to be a really fantastic unit blending research literacy skills with digital citizenship (both ed. tech state standards where I live).

So far, my students have stepped up to the challenge by researching their topic centered around Digital Citizenship.  My next steps will be for them to create two possible layouts (designs) for their infographic, and then make a plan to actually create it using an online infographic creator.  I'm thinking easel.ly will be our tool of choice!

You can follow the process we taking here:

Our unit is a work in progress, but I'm very anxious to see what my students' final projects look like.

Do you have expertise in infographics or teaching a similar unit?  Please share your ideas in a comment below!

Thanks techies!


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    1. What a great idea about teaching about digital citizenship using infographics. I just learn about infographic this past spring and love the idea of having students use it to demonstrate their learning. So a week after learning about it myself, I just in a created a project my high school students do a research project about oceanography and present it in an infographic.

      It was a three part project. I started them working in a group, then in pairs, and finally by themselves. For each part, they had their specific infographic to submit. The idea was by the time they started working on it by themselves, they are pretty much a pro at creating infographic. Before the submission of their products, students had ample time to do peer review during class and get feedback from me inside and outside of class. Students had to send their drafts to me so I can take a look at it and offer feedback.